ISCM WORLD MUSIC DAYS 1983 - Programforslag

| DMT Årgang 57 (1982-1983) nr. 06 - side 269-269

Artiklen er indscannet fra det trykte magasin; der tages forbehold for fejl

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Collaborative jury: Arne Nordheim, Oliver Knussen, Frederick Rzewskij, Karl Aage Rasmussen.

Signed concerts by: Hans Werner Henze, Mauricio Kagel, Lukas Foss, Arne Nordheim.

Programmed by: O organisation-selected J Jury-selected R Jury-recommended

Saturday the 29th of October

Opening Event, Foyer 2 p.m. Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen (Denmark): Kong Kristian stod i et yndigt land O Per Nørgaard (Denmark): I Ching J

Danish Aspect I, Small Hall 4 p.m. Music by Danish composers O

Ballet, Big Hall 8 p.m.

Programme not finished O

Nocturnal Small Hall, 10.30 p.m. Younghi Pagh-Paan (Korea): Pyon-kyong (1982) pno. perc. J

Pascal Dusapin (France): String-quartet

(1982) J Giacinto Scelsi (Italy): String-quartet no. 4 (1964) J The Arditti Quartet

Elliot Carter: Night Fantasies pno. solo (1981) O

Karol Szymanovsky: 2 Hafis-lieder, first performed ISCM 1923, Salzburg. Sopr. and pno. O

Sunday the 30th of October

General Assembly, 1st session, 2 p.m.

Is Darmstadt alive?, Small Hall 4 p.m. Helmuth Lachenmann (BRD): Salut for Caudwell(1980)2guit. O

Jukka Tiensuu (Fini.): »/L« (1981) ampl. pno. (1981) J

Brian Ferneyhough (UK): Stringquartet no. 2 (1980) O

lannis Xenakis (Gr.): New Stringquartet

(1983) O Jonathan Harvey (UK): Stringquartet no. 2 O The Arditti Quartet

Chamber Orchestra, Big Hall 8 p.m.

signed Lukas Foss

Jacob Druckman (USA): Incenters

Theodore Antoniou (Rumania): Epigrams

John Rea (Canada): Treppenmusik

Matondaira (Japan): 2 Shager

Poul Ruders (Denmark): 4 Compositions

Radiojazzgruppen, The Cabaretstage

10.30 p.m.

Experimental jazz for ensembles.

Monday the 31st of October

Mixed Media Concert, Foyer 11 a.m. Electronic multi-mixed media in Scandinavia organized by the Swedish Section.

Minimal expressions, Small Hall 4 p.m.

Steve Reich (USA): Music for mallets, voices and organ O

Lubomír Melnyk (Canada): Stonecraft, Stoneknight (1982), 2 pno.s J

Karel Goyvaerts (Belgium): Litanie for piano (1979) J

John Mc Guire (UK): Music for horns, piano and cymbals, (1982) J

Programme not finished

Voices and Ensembles, Small Hall 8 p.m. James Harley (Canada): Bells of Light (1983) 4 choirs J

José Mendoza (Uruguay): Beba Coca-Cola R Alfredo del Monaco (Venezuela): Invention (tape) O

Dorfman (Israel): Cello solo O

Walter Boudreau (Canada): Carrousel-Constellations ( 1982), 2 pno.s, perc., fl., vel. J Robert Nasveld (NL): Die unendliche Melodien und das Arpeggio (1982) J Luciano Berio (Italy): Linea (1973) O Aperghis (Gr.): Recitations??? J From Composition to Improvisation, The Cabaretstage 10.30 p.m. Programme including: Fernando Mencherini (Italy): Sei danze per violino J Roger Smalley (UK): Echo HI trumpet and delay O Karlheinz Stockhausen (BRD): »Japan« O

Tuesday the 1st of November

General Assembly, second session, 11 a.m.

Special Event: Video and Music, Foyer

1 p.m.

Programme including:

Jiirg Wyttenbach (Su L): Claustrophonie vl.

solo and tape J

Neo Tonality, Small Hall 4 p.m. David Sutton-Anderson (UK): Heavy Metal Two-step (1981), brassquintet J Thorkel Sigurbjornsson (Iceland): For Renée (1973), fl., vcl., perc., pno. O Erik Højsgaard (Denmark): C'est la mer guit. solo J Dominic Muldowney (UK): In dark Times (1981)4 voices, fl., cl., via., vel, pno. J Arvo Part (USSR): Fratres (1980) vl., pno. O Programme not finished

Instrumental Theatre and Ballet, Big Hall 8 p.m. signed Mauricio Kagel Dieter Kaufmann (Austria): Heiligenlegende, 8 voices, speaker, tape Trevor Wishart (UK): Tuba Minim tb. solo Beelaerts (Belgium): De profundis pno. 4 hands Joji Yuasa (Japan): Questions 32 voices

New Wave, Small Hall 10.30 p.m. Experimental rock-music.

Wednesday the 2nd of November

Organ-Concerto, Aarhus Cathedral 11 a.m. Niccolo Castiglioni (Italy): Sinfonie Guerrière et amorose O

The Social Commitment, Small Hall 4 p.m. Programme including music by: Louis Andriessen (NI.), José Alfonso (Portugal), Klaas de Vries (NL), Misha Mengel-berg (NL), Bob Driessen (NL), Christian Wolff (USA). De Volharding Amsterdam

Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Big Hall 8 p.m. conducted by Gilbert Amy Klaus Huber (Su L): Beati Pauperes II

(1979) J Ernest Krenek (USA): Arc of Life (1981) J Tristan Murail (France): Gondwana

(1980) J Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen (Denmark): Symfoni, Antifoni (1977) J

Sorabji, Small Hall 10.30 p.m. Sorabji (UK): Opus Clavicembalisticum (1932) excerpts O

Geoffrey Madge

Thursday the 3rd of November

General Assembly, 3rd session 11 a.m.

Special Event: Film and Music, Foyer 1 p.m.

Electronic Means, Small Hall 4 p.m. signed

by Arne Nordheim

Thomas Kessler (Su L): Violin Control

(1978) vl., synth.

Eugeniusz Rudnik (PL): Berceuse (1982) tape

Harry Sparnay (NL): Bouwstenen (1982) bas, cl. and tape

Kjell Samkopf (Norway): Opfinnelser V perc. and tape

Francois Bayle (France): Voyage au Centre de la Tete (1982) tape Chamber Music, Small Hall 9 p.m. Ronaldo Coutino de Miranda (Brasil): Oriens in (1982) J

Mikael Edlund (Sweden): Brains and Dancing 1981), String-quartet J Miklos Csemiscky (Hun.): Stringquartet

(1979) J György Ligeti (Austria): Horn Trio ( 1982) O Peter Liberson (USA): Tashi Quartet cl., vl., vel., pno. R

Friday the 4th of November

General Assembly, concluding session 10 a.m.

Danish Ascpect II, Small Hall 4 p.m. Music by Danish composers

The Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra,

Big Hall 8 p.m. conducted by Jan Latham

Koenig signed by H. W. Henze

Doi (Japan): Le Pinceau

John Hopkins (UK): Piano-concerto »The

magic mountain«

Claudio Bilucaglia (Italy): Otto poesie da un


Adriana Hölszky (Rumania): Space

Concluding Mixture, Cabaretstage 10.30p.m.

Mauricio Kagel (BRD): Dressur ( 1980) O Vincent Plush (Australia): On shooting Stars (1981), fl., cl., vl., vel., pno. R Mick Wilson (UK): Six songs (1982), voice and pno. J

Tadeusz Wielecki (PL): Tango (1980), cl.,. trb., vel., pno J