| DMT Årgang 60 (1985-1986) nr. 03 - side 128-128

Artiklen er indscannet fra det trykte magasin; der tages forbehold for fejl

Helmer Nørgaards »Fanfare« til Pierre (»Dawda«) Dørges New Jungle Orchestra - i anledning af deres sommerturné 1985.

What happened to Franz Joseph in the jungle.

A very big albatros - or was it a pelicane
or perhaps a flamingo circled over him - saying: »I have an egg for you here« all the animals were laughing delighted but very politely »Will you majesty please be kind enough to eat it
while we're looking« The emperor looked around (him) smiling - delighted - and pleased - saying: »I take it« from then his beard was'nt quite the same
he was a great - wise emperor and it was a
quite special fine egg (ggggg) there were also men around Mozart - Ludwig - and Schoenberg but not Webern he was looking in to the future they all laughed happily and he will learn they all laughed merrily something is happening in the jungle Now..........!

(klovnen Grock)