| DMT Årgang 69 (1994-1995) nr. 01 - side 3-3

Artiklen er indscannet fra det trykte magasin; der tages forbehold for fejl

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    Lyden af fremtidens rum
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It can often be really exciting to go on a voyage of discovery. Suddenly there is this sense of joy and recognition when you understand the signs, the sounds, and the tracks as we encounter them in our Nordic world of heather, cranberry, lyme grass, beech trees, and snowdrifts. All of a sudden the sounds of birds in the air and the marks in the snow, the sand, the clay, and the sky tell us that someone has just been here, in this very place, something has just happened.

That is also how things are in contemporary Nordic music. Here too you may experience sudden pleasure and insight by discovering the tracks (not trends) that wind their way through the glades (notjjhettoes). Here there are traces of life on its own terms.

At Nordic Music Days - taking place in Denmark for the first time in ten years - we shall be focusing on these traces and shining a spotlight on the living creatures that inhabit these glades, on the musician and the performer.

If we are sufficiently attentive, if we pay tribute to the effort being made, we may perhaps experience that rare, spellbinding moment: messages in music, singing patterns, birds of passage sitting on electric wires, magic abacuses. Territorial song, number magic - screams and whispers, who knows? At any rate we are going to try.

Welcome to Nordic Music Days, September 5-10 in Copenhagen.

Mogens Winkel Holm President, Nordic Composers Council

Nordic Music Days 1994. Danish Composers´ Society

We warmly thank the following sponsors for their support:

• The Augustinus Foundation

• Nomus (Nordic Music Committee)

• Knud Højgaard's Foundation

• The Ingwerenske Foundation

• Danish Ministry for Culture

• Danish State Music Council

• Copenhagen Municipality

• Danish Central Bank's Anniversary Foundation of 1968

• The Danish National Symphony Orchestra

• The Royal Danish Orchestra

• Tivoli Symphony Orchestra

• Carlsberg's Memorial Grant for J.C. Jacobsen

• Foundation for Danish-Swedish Cooperation

• Sonning Foundation

• Danish-Faroese Culture Foundation

Supported by the Danish Composers Society via KODA's national funds

Årgang 69/1994-1995, nr. 01