© Andre Hansen
© Andre Hansen

My name is Mike Sheridan – would you like to see my playlist?

»To me, music is about everything else.«

Mike Sheridan has been a part of the Copenhagen electronic musicscene since the mid 00’s. He entered the scene, barely in his teens, with his landmark debut album I Syv Sind (In Two Minds, 2008). Sheridan traced an ambient and dreamy approach, and with limited tools at hand, he constructed a teenage masterwork that few could have predicted. Among the first in his generation, Mike Sheridan launched his career to high acclaim, effectively crossing over to mainstream audiences.

Recent projects includes featuring on techno artist KÔLSCH’s album Isopolis (2021) and performances in Nicolai Howalt’s exhibhition A Journey: The Near Future at Gallery Martin Asbæk (2022). Yesterday Sherian released the album Atmospherics

Seismografs playliste er skabt af kunstnere, musikere, kokke, forfattere og cykelryttere. Hver person anbefaler fem musikstykker, som verden skal høre. Stafetten sendes videre.

En playliste er en liste med video- eller lydfiler, som kan spilles på en radiokanal eller i et program til afspilning af lydfiler. Nogle mennesker mener, deres bedste venner er playlister. Playlister siges at være noget af det mest intime, man kan dele. 

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