© Harald Bjørgvin
© Harald Bjørgvin

My name is Teitur – would you like to see my playlist?

Teitur (Tie-tor), left his homeland, the remote, beautiful, wild and weather beaten Faroe Islands in the far North Atlantic as a teenager. He was convinced that if he wanted to follow his dream of making his own music he had to go somewhere with the access to the technology and musical professionalism that he felt wasn’t available at home. His debut album in 2003 was called Poetry & Aeroplanes. He collaborated with German singer Judith Holofernes, the Holland Baroque orchestra and recently recorded the album Songs from a Social Distance with Aarhus Jazz Orchestra​. After travelling the world Teitur is again based in the Faroes. In 2023 he was among the 13 artists nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize.

Seismografs playliste er skabt af kunstnere, musikere, kokke, forfattere og cykelryttere. Hver person anbefaler fem musikstykker, som verden skal høre. Stafetten sendes videre.

En playliste er en liste med video- eller lydfiler, som kan spilles på en radiokanal eller i et program til afspilning af lydfiler. Nogle mennesker mener, deres bedste venner er playlister. Playlister siges at være noget af det mest intime, man kan dele. 

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