Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson’s experimental practice is concerned with the perception and politics of time passing: duration, frame, exposure, sound and movement. She holds a practice-led PhD: The Elusive Digital Frame and the Elasticity of Time in Painting. During 2013-15, shows included: Inside Out Blues for ‘Capital of Culture’ Marseilles, The Result of This Deception, Lumen Festival, Vital Excess, Cass London, Thrashing in the Static, CGP, Ghost On the Wire, Deptford X and Folkestone. She presented: Enlarger Than Life: Song-Films and Irrational Gestures at psi20 Shanghai and participated in GHost 13 at UA/CSM and Feminism and Subjectivities at UA/Chelsea. Curatorial projects: Over Time (2014) and Supernormal (2011-15).