Jeremy Woodruff

Jeremy Woodruff is currently Head of Music Theory and Lecturer in Composition and Sound Studies at the Istanbul Technical University, Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM). His compositions and sound installations are informed by his research on subversive sound in protest, theater, permaculture gardening, sound art and media studies from the 1910s until the present. Investigations in biofeedback music interfaces, Indian music, Javanese Gamelan, Turkish music and urban sound in Chennai and Istanbul also meet innovative music curriculum design in his output. 

His sound works initiate alternative social interactions and present alternate concepts of sonic text. The works redefine basic musical parameters to pose questions. He is a skilled performer in the most diverse musical settings: from classical chamber music and classical Indian music to raggae, live electronics with multiple wind instruments to professional church choirs and marching bands. He has collaborated on work in conceptual video, dance and radio.