Joe Cantrell

Joe Cantrell (University of San Diego) is a musician and multi-media artist specializing in sound art, installations, compositions, and performances inspired by the implications and consequences of technological objects and practices. His work examines the incessant acceleration of technology and media production, its ownership, and the waste it produces. In the rush to get the newest and shiniest things, the less new and less shiny are cast off: today's hot commodity is often tomorrow's garbage. In solidarity with these abandoned objects and the hands that put them together, Joe makes electronic feedback soundscapes using only discarded, obsolete and / or broken technology. It's a physical collaboration: the machines listen to themselves and act accordingly. Joe offers suggestions to them and they make sound together. Joe has presented his research, art and performances for audiences around the world, including the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the US, the International Computer Music Association, the New Instruments for Musical Expression conference, as well as artist residencies in New York, London and Beijing.