Mark Harris

Mark Harris is an artist, critic, and curator. His approaches to making artworks are linked by an interest in the imagery of intoxication as a form of utopian representation, alternative to the more militant strategies of the historical avant-gardes.

Recent exhibitions/performances: Wellcome Collection, London, (2011); Whitechapel Gallery, (2012); Showroom, London; Horse Hospital, London; Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (2014); Wave Farm, NY; Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati (2015), Zephyr Gallery, Louisville; Root Division, San Francisco; ICA, London; Wave Pool, Cincinnati; UIC Chicago, (2016). 

Recent writing: “The Materiality of Water,” Aesthetic Investigations, (2015); “Intoxicating Painting,” JCP (2016).

University of Cincinnati
School of Art, DAAP
2621 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0016