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Multi’vocal Collective

The [multi’vocal] collective is an art and research-based community exploring synthesized voices with a feminist activist approach. [multi’vocal] is spelled in phonetic writing, as we are exploring the phonetic and paralinguistic elements of speech. Alice Emily Baird is an audio researcher and artist from the UK and is currently a research scientist and Ph.D. candidate for the Chair Embedded Intelligence for Health Care and Wellbeing, at Augsburg University, Germany. Frederik Tollund Juutilainen is a software developer and DJ from Copenhagen. He has a degree in philosophy and computer science from Roskilde University, and a Master in IT & Cognition. Stina Hasse Jørgensen is a PhD fellow at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, where she is researching the politics and aesthetics of synthesized voices. Mads Steensig Pelt is a programmer, working with backend development, dev ops and software architecture for a Danish startup. Nina Cecilie Højholdt is an interaction designer, developer and artist from Copenhagen. She holds a Master’s degree from Malmö University, and is a founder of art and design studio Circuit Circus.