Yujin Jung 

Yujin Jung is from South Korea, lives and works in Copenhagen. She studied BA fine art at Goldsmiths, and finished her MA in Fine Art in 2021 at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. 

Yujin Jung’s works revolve around sound, image, text, sculpture, and installation to exam the theoretical, philosophic, poetic aspects of sound within different sonic worlds. Her interest particularly lies in the reconfiguration of myth, orally conveyed vernacular knowledge, and social and spiritual technology that are inherited from pre-modern time and practised still in the modern era. Through the reconfiguration process she tries to create aesthetic fiction that is relevant to today’s affective narratives around time and machine technology. With interweaving sound, image, voice, text, time-space and stories, she intends to reflect on the urge of design potential anthropology through sonic fabrication.