Codex Quetzalecatzin. © Courtesy of Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress

Thinking decolonially towards music’s institution: A post-conference reflection

How do we talk about musical colonisation? How do we talk about this work of talking about it; that is, interrogating what we mean by colonisation and its counter-logic of decolonisation or decoloniality?

  • Anjeline de Dios,
  • Phil Dodds ,
  • Sanne Krogh Groth,
  • Xenia Benivolski,
  • Hild Borchgrevink,
  • Nils Bubandt,
  • Yurii Chekan ,
  • Maria Rijo Lopes Da Cunha ,
  • Brandon Farnsworth,
  • Rosanna Lovell ,
  • Caryl Mann,
  • Ania Mauruschat,
  • Ucee-Uchenna L. Nwachukwu,
  • Ellen Marie Bråthen Steen,
  • Yiren Zhao
8. december 2023