Jamie Allen

Jamie Allen is a Canada-born researcher, artist, designer and teacher, interested in what technologies teach us about who we are as individuals, cultures and societies. He likes to make things with his head and hands, and he lectures, publishes and exhibits worldwide. He lives in Europe, works on art and technology projects, writes a bit, and tries to engage himself with and create prefigurative institutions that are generous and collaborative, acknowledging that friendship, passion and love are central to practices of knowledge and creativity. Jamie is Senior Researcher at the Critical Media Lab in Basel, Switzerland, co-founder of the media, art and philosophy journal continentcontinent.cc, and formerly Canada Research Chair in Infrastructure, Media & Communications at NSCAD.

Civilised life, you know, is based on a huge number of illusions in which we all collaborate willingly. The trouble is we forget after a while that they are illusions and we are deeply shocked when reality is torn down around us. ― J.G. Ballard (2020)