© Mads Krue Bugge
© Mads Krue Bugge

My name is Ingri Høyland – would you like to see my playlist?

Ingri Høyland is a Norwegian artist, composer and sound artist. Through the artistic alias Hôy La, she has since 2018 released experimental electronic music with the releases such as X Heads and There's A Girl. She has performed her music at prominent festivals and concert venues in the Nordics, Europe and Japan. Ingri is educated as composer and songwriter at the Rhytmic Conservatory in Copenhagen. Her compositions are often based on a method of electronic improvisation, where she creates spaces and sounds through drones, repetitions and minimalistic melodies and patterns. She often experiments with form, lyrics and language, using her voice as an equal instrument.

As an artist, Ingri Høyland supports the movement for Radical Softness. The understanding and translation of psychological state of minds, emotions and vulnerability is for her a political and artistic starting point, which she takes with her into cross-artistic collaborations, film music and in her own projects. In November Ingri Høyland will release a new sound piece Ode To Stone composed for this years Gong Tomorrow.


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