Hild Borchgrevink

Hild Borchgrevink is a musicologist, writer, and artist. 2020-2024 she is a ph.d. candidate in musicology at the Norwegian Academy of Music. After working as a project leader and editor in the field of contemporary composed music, she studied creative writing and an MFA in Art and Public Spaces at KhiO in Oslo. Her MA in musicology is about the composer Gérard Grisey. She teaches writing for music and art students in Bergen and Oslo.

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Codex Quetzalecatzin. © Courtesy of Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress

Thinking decolonially towards music’s institution: A post-conference reflection

How do we talk about musical colonisation? How do we talk about this work of talking about it; that is, interrogating what we mean by colonisation and its counter-logic of decolonisation or decoloniality?

Anjeline de Dios, Phil Dodds , Sanne Krogh Groth, Xenia Benivolski, Hild Borchgrevink, Nils Bubandt, Yurii Chekan , Maria Rijo Lopes Da Cunha , Brandon Farnsworth, Rosanna Lovell , Caryl Mann, Ania Mauruschat, Ucee-Uchenna L. Nwachukwu, Ellen Marie Bråthen Steen, Yiren Zhao
8. december 2023