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Morten Søndergaard

Morten Søndergaard is an internationally recognized Curator and Associate Professor of Media Art at Aalborg University, Denmark. With a background as Curator and Deputy Director at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde (1998-2008) and a Ph.D. in Performance Design and Digital Communication from Roskilde University, he is AAU academic director of the Erasmus master’s in Media Arts Cultures program.

He is Chair of the Leonardo/ISAST LASER talk series at Aalborg University, (with Laura Beloff) Co-founder and Executive Chair of the Politics of Machines Series and the MicroPOM format, chair of SATSC – SOUND, ART, TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE CURATING Research Center at AAU and STRUER SOUND LAB. And a member of RELATE - Research Lab of Art & Technology, Aalborg University.  General Chair of RE:SOUND - the 9th conference on the Histories of Media, Art and Technologies in Aalborg (2019).

Published widely and internationally on media art, sound art, curation, and the digital archive experience. Contributing Editor at LEA – Leonardo Electronic Almanac (MIT Presse, 2011–14), editor of MEDIEKULTUR Journal (2013-15), and guest editor at Leonardo Music Journal (MIT Press, 2019-2021). Curator of several international exhibitions on media art since 1994, including Under Cover – Sound / Art in Social Spaces (Roskilde 2003), HORTUS DIGITALIS / The Digital Garden (ROSKILDE / BERLIN / SALTZBURG 2003), Get Real! (KIASMA 2004), THE AUDIOBAR (ROSKILDE/ ZKM/ RIO 2005-08), MAGNET (ZKM 2007), BIOTOPIA – Art in the Wet Zone (Aalborg 2010), Sound Art / Unheard Avant-gardes in Scandinavia (ZKM 2012).